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미루기와 행동

Jan 24, 15

마음을 먹거나 생각만 하는 것은 쉽다. 반면 실제로 행동하는 것은 어렵다.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.1

나의 행동을 방해하는 가장 큰 적은 미루기procrastination이다. 생산성의 측면에서 미루는 것을 줄이는 방법에 대해 공부하다가 깨달은 것 중 하나로, 우리가 움직이기 위해 동기부여가 될 필요가 없다는 사실이 있다.

Think about that for a minute, because it's really important. Somewhere along the way, we've all bought into the idea – without consciously realizing it – that to be motivated and effective we need to feel like we want to take action. We need to be eager to do so. I really don't know why we believe this, because it is 100% nonsense. Yes, on some level you need to be committed to what you are doing – you need to want to see the project finished, or get healthier, or get an earlier start to your day. But you don't need to feel like doing it.2

행동 자체는 이와는 별개의 프로세스이다. 그 사실을 깨달은 뒤 약간의 진전이 있었다.

Motivation is not required. Good intentions, beliefs, resolutions, even promises don’t matter. Action does.3